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What’s in a logo? Good question. I like to imagine business logo’s as the modern day Egyptian Hieroglyph. A hieroglyph by definition is a stylized picture of an object representing a word, syllable, or sound, as found in ancient Egyptian and other writing systems.



Like the hieroglyph, a logo is a symbol of a deeper meaning. So, what’s the deeper meaning of your logo?

This post is probably best suited for people that have brands or folks that’re considering creating a brand. Hopefully this encourages you to put a little extra thought into the symbolism that you choose to represent you.

I am in no way an expert on branding, I’m simply sharing a part of my journey. The best way to teach others is to speak from a place of experience.




When I created my clothing brand – the brand name came first, before the logo and before any real clothing was ever created. People asked, how did you come up with the name Honey Matthews? The honest answer is, it just came to me.

I didn’t brainstorm any brand name ideas and I didn’t hesitate in my decision. Honey Matthews was a thought that inserted itself into my brain, like a message from the Creator.  Later I did some research and discovered the meaning of the words. Honey, by definition: Delicate; a term of endearment. Matthew, a biblical name meaning Gift from God.

It wasn’t until I began working with my graphic designer that he pointed out the words “The One” within the name Honey Matthews. I thought that was beautiful.

As he and I worked together to create the branding, he constructed the centre portion of the logo and I demanded that we include wings. Angel wings.  While he worked on the centre portion I searched for a sample style of the angel wings that I envisioned. I gravitated to a tattoo design with the perfect pair.

In the centre of the tattooed wings was the word Dean.  As always, I researched the word out of curiosity and discovered the definition. Dean: the head of the chapter of a collegiate or cathedral church, the head of a division, faculty, college, or school of a university, a college or secondary school administrator in charge of counselling and disciplining students. For me this was totally symbolic.

When I consider my faith, my journey and what I know to be true about life, all of these seemingly minor details began to create a much bigger picture which slowly revealed itself to me in a way that I would understand, that’d I’d be able to share with you.

After a few weeks of tweaks and customization of the design I approved the Honey Matthews logo. H.M. initials, a rear view of the female torso, and angel wings. I was pleased with the simplicity of the design, or, what I thought was the simplicity of the design.




The Honey Matthews logo was created in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2014 that I looked at the logo with new eyes and began to see more details being revealed. I kept track of all the details that I understood and dissected the logo. It appeared to me that there was at least 13 new details that I was able to define.

I’ll make a more in depth post further deconstructing the logo for you later.


All logo’s are created individually with the use of the imagination; so what may be visible to me, may not be visible to you, at first. That’s the whole purpose of creation, the art of making the unseen, seen.

What I identify with may not be what you identify with. Your brand and logo is a representation of you and your identity, how you convey that message to your audience is your creative choice.

When you make the decision to pursue your passion, dig deep. Whatever you have within you that’s bubbling over will eventually express itself. You may be spiritually driven, or maybe not. Whatever you are, when you choose to create your logo – the thing that represents you will reveal itself.

Just make sure whatever symbolism you attach yourself to is representative of who YOU truly are.


Selecting the right help to assist you in creating your branding is also key. I can say with confidence that the right people came onto my path once I began to focus on my personal and spiritual development. How did I find the right people? I just found them. How did I know they were right for me? I just knew. Call it divine guidance.

By initiating a simple conversation with a complete stranger and that stranger leading me to a talented graphic designer, I was able to fulfill my creative task.  Together our minds connected and somehow we were able to form the seen, from the unseen.

When you connect with the right people there is no strain, there is no place for confusion to take root. When it came to positioning the right people in my life – they all had an assignment and things worked out smoothly, as it should, without any negativity attached. Everything was organic, authentic and fluid, as God blessed connections tend to be.




Don’t be afraid to work with new people. Embrace authentic vibes. If you’re working with a graphic designer compile samples of what you’d like, lead your designer in the right direction and if the connection is blessed together you will create the symbolism that defines you (and your brand) and you’ll be genuinely satisfied.

Once you have your logo in place you should take the necessary steps to trademark your design, register your business name and secure your website domain. Do your research and please, protect your creativity.


Shout out to Lola, Michael, and Veronica. Thank you.





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